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The commercial planetary mixer is an all-purpose workhorse found in many bakeries. Planetary mixers are classified as cake mixers, and are not suitable for heavy dough development as the mixing action is not as intense as specialised. Spiral, Fork and Two arm mixers would be better suited if dough is all you need to make.

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A planetary mixer is a type of stand mixer that uses a unique planetary mixing action to rotate the mixing head around a stationary bowl while also moving around its own axis. It’s commonly used in bakeries and can be used for a variety of tasks such as whipping cream, mixing cake batter, and kneading dough.

For best results when using a planetary mixer for bread dough development, it’s important to use the appropriate dough hook attachment. Additionally, it’s recommended to use the lowest speed setting for mixing and kneading and to monitor the dough closely to avoid over-kneading. Some professional bakers prefer using a combination of techniques such as using a spiral mixer and then finishing the development process with planetary mixer on the lowest speed to ensure the proper gluten development and consistency.

It’s recommended to oil and maintain your planetary mixer on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance and longevity. For regular maintenance, the mixer should be cleaned and all the attachments should be washed and dried after each use. The gearbox oil should be checked and changed every year or when the mixer starts showing signs of wear such as strange noises. It’s recommended to consult the manual we provide with each machine for specific maintenance recommendations for your specific model.

While a planetary mixer can handle some dough development, it is not as well-suited for heavy-duty dough development as specialised dough mixers like spiral, fork or two-arm mixers. These specialised mixers are better suited for tasks that require more intense kneading, such as developing bread doughs.

Planetary mixers typically come with a variety of attachments, such as a flat beater for mixing cake batter, a wire whip for whipping cream, and a dough hook for kneading dough. Some models also have additional attachments available for purchase, such as a meat grinder or a pasta maker.

A planetary mixer, also known as a stand mixer, is a larger, more powerful mixer that sits on the countertop, has a larger capacity and typically comes with multiple attachments for different tasks. A hand mixer, on the other hand, is smaller, portable and lightweight and it typically only comes with two beaters. Hand mixers are mainly used for small jobs in the kitchen, while planetary mixers are more versatile and can handle bigger and more complex recipes.

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