Spiral Dough Mixers

Spiral Mixers for bread and pizza dough.

The spiral mixer is a single purpose mixer used only for bread and pizza dough development. The smaller spiral mixers, single phase, only have one speed. Most 3 phase spiral mixers have 2 speeds, slow and high speed. Spiral mixers are the preferred mixers of the award winning bread bakers, and pizza makers of Australia. Many bakers see the spiral mixer as the choice that allows speed of production while maintaining control of oxidation and good treatment of the dough.

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A spiral mixer is a type of commercial mixer specifically designed for kneading and mixing dough. Unlike other mixers, such as planetary mixers, spiral mixers have a unique spiral-shaped agitator that mimics the hand-kneading process, resulting in superior dough consistency.

Spiral mixers offer several advantages, including efficient and consistent dough mixing, excellent gluten development, shorter mixing times, improved hydration, better temperature control, and the ability to handle high-capacity batches. They also minimize oxidation of dough, resulting in better texture and taste in the final baked products.

A spiral mixer features a rotating spiral hook that moves in a spiral motion, mimicking the kneading action performed by hand. As the hook rotates, it stretches, folds, and develops the gluten in the dough. This method ensures thorough and even mixing, resulting in well-developed, light and fluffy and evenly hydrated dough.

Spiral mixers are versatile and can handle a wide range of dough types, including bread dough, pizza dough, bagel dough, pasta dough, and various specialty doughs used in bakeries. They are especially efficient when working with high-gluten or dense doughs.

Spiral mixers are designed to handle a wide range of batch sizes. They are commonly used for both small and large quantities of dough. However, the specific capacity of a spiral mixer will depend on its size and model, so it’s important to choose one that matches your desired batch size.

es, spiral mixers are generally easy to clean and maintain. Most models come with removable parts, such as bowls and agitators, which can be easily cleaned. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of the mixer.

The mixing speed and time are crucial factors that affect dough quality. Optimal mixing speed and time will depend on the specific recipe and dough type. Overmixing can lead to excessive gluten development, resulting in a dense or tough texture, while undermixing can result in poor gluten development and inconsistent dough. Finding the right balance is essential for achieving desired dough quality.

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