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  • Primary Use: Bakery
  • Decks: Model Dependant
  • Power: GAS

Fixed Deck

Pavailler Cyclotherme GAS Deck Oven

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Ovens from the Pavailler CYCLOTHERMIC range are designed for use in baking and pastry-making. The air recycling system gives ovens from the CYCLOTHERMIC range an excellent baking quality and consistency, which makes them suitable for a wide range of uses. These ovens are available in a gas or fuel oil versions.

Pavailler Cyclotherme X14 Deck Oven
Pavailler Cyclotherme X24 Deck Oven.
Pavailler Cyclotherme BX24 Deck Oven.

Reactivity and energy savings

The operating principle of Cyclotherme ovens is based on transversal and continuous circulation of hot pressurised flue gases around the baking chambers. The large volume of flue gases recycled in this way (1,000 m3/ hour and per m² of deck) provides exceptional reactivity regarding the temperature rise. This allows faster heating of the oven and more energy savings. Direct heating of the chambers by the fumes produces an excellent yield. Looped recycling of flue gases guarantees high quality exchanges.


The Pavailler X14, X23 and X24 cyclotherme ovens may be implanted on three side-walls to optimise workspace in the bakery. Cleaning and maintenance are done from the front.

The turbine is used to increase the speed of flue gases and even out their temperature. The yield is improved together with even baking.

New temperature regulation

Cyclotherme technology controls baking temperature even within the baking chamber.

Steam appliance: power and performance

The steam appliance is located in the flue gases, next to the furnace to guarantee high steam production. The steam generation system is independent for each level. Steam controls are located on each side of the oven. It is possible to connect the oven to one single duct for flue gases and steam, which reduces installation costs.

Quality finishing

  • Front and interior cladding in stainless steel
  • Manually controlled steam damper on upper deck as standard
  • Baking timer which may programme an automatic start
  • Thermal insulation guaranteed by 110 to 150 mm thick rock wool and improved energy yield
  • Baking tiles in 20 mm thick composite material
  • 6 mm thick toughened glass oven windows

Ergonomic handles with hub cap Steam gernerator located near to the burner

5 models are available:

  • X14: 1 door per level / 4 levels
  • X23: 2 doors per level / 3 levels
  • X24: 2 doors per level / 4 levels
  • X33: 3 doors per level / 3 levels
  • X34: 3 doors per level / 4 levels

Available in natural gas, propane and heating oil versions.

RECYCLING TURBO, the heart of the cyclotherme oven

Pavailler Cyclotherme Recyling Turbo

The turbine is used to increase the speed of flue gases and even out their temperature. The yield is improved together with even baking.

Deck Oven X14 X23 X24 X33 X34
  F G C F G C F G C G C G C
Doors / Deck 1 2 2 3 3
Decks 4 3 4 3 4
Useful Door Width 720 1440 1440 2160 2160
Damper on upper deck Yes, on all models
Damper on all decks Optional, on all models
Useful baking Depth 1650 2000 2400 1650 2000 2400 1650 2000 2400 2000 2400 2000 2400
Baking Surface (m²) 4.7 5.7 6.8 7 8.5 10.2 9.3 11.3 13.6 12.7 15.3 17 20.3
Width(mm) 1581 1581 1581 2304 2304 2304 2304 2304 2304 3300 2304 3300 2304
Depth(mm) 2795 3135 3535 2785 3135 3535 2795 3135 3535 3135 3535 3135 3535
Height All units are 2280 mm high
Size FrontBrick Version 1645 2366 2366
Power (Kw) 3 - on all models
Thermal Power (Kw) 43 47 53 47 60 60 53 65 76 65 82 76 100
Weight (Kg) 1570 1770 2670 2850 3220 3820 3250 3620 4420 4720 5720 5120 6170
Weight (Kg) front brick model 2120 2320 2670 3650 4020 4620 4050 4420 5220
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Artisan style breads are best baked in a stone based deck oven. The stone will give you a good even heat, and the bottom heat, (elements under the stone)and the top heat, (ceiling elements in the chamber) can be independently adjusted. The stone deck oven will also bake all other products. They are available in gas or electric.

These ovens are standard fan forced ovens, where the trays are hand loaded into the oven. They are generally available in 4,5,6 or 10 tray capacity, and various tray sizes. These ovens are good for baking muffins, and pastries. They are a lot smaller and will go on a bench top. These ovens are generally your entry level commercial ovens.

Rack ovens are fan forced ovens, where the product is baked on trays, loaded in a rack, which can be wheeled in and out of the oven. This makes loading the oven quick and efficient, saving time. These ovens are best suited to high volume baking and generally take up less space than deck ovens. Rack ovens are available with rotating racks ( turning rack ) or static racks (doesn't turn). With the rotating rack ovens, you tend to get a more even bake than you would with a normal convection oven. Rack ovens with a variable fan speed, will allow you to bake "soft products" by adjusting the fan speed. Rack ovens are available in gas or electric.