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  • Primary Use: Bakery
  • Decks: Model Dependant
  • Power: 415V

Modular Deck

Europa Edison 43 Electric Modular Deck Oven

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The new line of electric modular deck ovens EDISON has been conceived to satisfy the needs of small and medium bakeries, confectioneries, pizzerias and restaurants which are looking for a high quality product with large possibilities of customization and a wide range of options.

3 KIND OF BAKING CHAMBERS: traditional PASTRY (PS) deck with glazed doors opening upwards and cement agglomerate baking soles; BAKERY (PA) deck complete with built-in STEAM GENERATOR; PIZZA (PZ) deck equipped with powered electric heating elements (0-400°C) ideal for short non stop pizza baking cycles, stainless steel doors with porthole and refractory baking soles for pizza.

make it easy!

There are lots of modular ovens on the market, but only a few of them can grant good baking results for BAKERY : the EDISON project has led us to conceive SMALL OVENS OFFERING GREAT PERFORMANCES. If Combined with the INTEGRATED LOADER they become true traditional flat ovens to bake artisan bread without compromises.

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Main Features

  • CONTROL PANEL independent for each deck, controlled by DIGITAL KEYBOARD, with LCD screen and integrated LED display, intelligent consumption management with 1 TEMPERATURE and 3 POWER zones display (% CEILING - % FLOOR - % FRONT), 30 programmable settings.
  • WEEKLY PROGRAMMABLE IGNITION SYSTEM with 2 daily ignition programs.
  • GLAZED DOOR opening upwards sliding up into the chamber (standard PA / PS) or, alternatively, STAINLESS STEEL DOOR (equipped with 1 or 2 portholes) opening downwards (standard PZ - optional PA / PS).
  • BREAD (PA) & PASTRY (PS) chambers equipped with 20 mm high CEMENT AGGLOMERATE baking soles (with metal frame) granting an excellent heat transmission both for direct baking on soles and for baking on trays. PIZZA (PZ) chambers are equipped with specific refractory soles for pizza baking.
  • High efficiency thermal insulation thanks to COMPRESSED ROCKWOOL PANELS.
  • REQUIRED: TWO INSULATION MODULES serving as the upper and the bottom part of the oven.

Options / Accessories

  • Traditional DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL showing 2 TEMPERATURES (ceiling/floor).
  • Stainless steel HOOD, also available with EXTRACTOR and STEAM CONDENSER.
  • Stainless steel SUPPORTS ON CASTORS, available in different heights, with or without tray-holder.
  • Stainless steel PROVERS with or without steam generator (1+1 kW) ON CASTORS.
  • LOADING SETTERS for stone baking and SHOVELS (wooden or metal) for manual loading/unloading.
  • Full-deck INTEGRATED LOADER for non stop artisan baking cycles.
dimensions for edison cabinet
EDISON Trays Capacity Weight Deck Dimensions Outer Dimensions Electric Power
Baking Chamber 40x60 cm 46x66 cm
46x7 6cm
40x80 cm
Kg L1
Steam A
E2L 18 PA Trays Visual1 2x1 Trays Visual2 2x1 Trays Visual3 2x1 165 950 850 180 1310 1055+80 330 6,3 2,8 (3,2)
E2L 24 PA 185 950 850 240 1310 1055+80 390 6,3 2,8 (3,2)
E2L 18 PS 140 950 850 180 1310 1055+80 330   5,4 2,8
E2L 24 PS 160 950 850 240 1310 1055+80 390   5,4 2,8
E2L 18 PZ Pizza Trays Visual Ø 28-30 cm = 6 pizza 160 950 850 180 1310 1100+80 330   7,9 4,1
E43 18 PA Trays Visual3 2x2 Trays Visual3 3x1 Trays Visual3 3x1 240 1420 850 180 1780 1055+80 330 9,7 4,1 (4,9)
E43 24 PA 270 1420 850 240 1780 1055+80 390 9,7 4,1 (4,9)
E43 18 PS 215 1420 850 180 1780 1055+80 330   7,9 4,1
E43 24 PS 245 1420 850 240 1780 1055+80 390   7,9 4,1
E43 18 PZ Pizza Trays Visual Ø 28-30 cm = 8 - 10 pizza 245 1420 850 180 1780 1100+80 330   11,1 5,7

A Power | B Average Consumption (♦ with working steam generator) | PA = Bread, PS = Bakery, PZ = Pizza

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Artisan style breads are best baked in a stone based deck oven. The stone will give you a good even heat, and the bottom heat, (elements under the stone)and the top heat, (ceiling elements in the chamber) can be independently adjusted. The stone deck oven will also bake all other products. They are available in gas or electric.

These ovens are standard fan forced ovens, where the trays are hand loaded into the oven. They are generally available in 4,5,6 or 10 tray capacity, and various tray sizes. These ovens are good for baking muffins, and pastries. They are a lot smaller and will go on a bench top. These ovens are generally your entry level commercial ovens.

Rack ovens are fan forced ovens, where the product is baked on trays, loaded in a rack, which can be wheeled in and out of the oven. This makes loading the oven quick and efficient, saving time. These ovens are best suited to high volume baking and generally take up less space than deck ovens. Rack ovens are available with rotating racks ( turning rack ) or static racks (doesn't turn). With the rotating rack ovens, you tend to get a more even bake than you would with a normal convection oven. Rack ovens with a variable fan speed, will allow you to bake "soft products" by adjusting the fan speed. Rack ovens are available in gas or electric.