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Beldos Bench Top Depositor

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For your fast clean & easy production!

Beldos depositing system offer you a safe, affordable, productive and healthy way to deposit all your muffins, sponges, kisses, fill parfaits, inject cream into Eclairs, jam into doughuts, sauces and other products, with or without particles as nuts, raisins, pieces of fruit, etc. diam. up to 2.5 cm. You name it most likely Beldos will do it!


BELDOS = Time — Efficiency — Profit — Continuity — Safety — No Waste

Pneumatic System, quiet, fast and efficient.
Designed to strip down and clean in minutes.

simple and easy to fill Beldos BellTop Model 275

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Operator using the Beldos depositor

  • Compact versatile volumetric stainless steel depositor for use on table;
  • Mounted on height adjustable feet;
  • More than 150 standard and custom made optional attachments for depositing, injection, layering and decoration;
  • Applications: depositing of cake batter, muffins, jam, jelly, fruit filling, cream, mousse, meringue, sauce, soup, mashed potato, mayonnaise, minced meat; injection of éclairs, Berliners, profiteroles; decoration;
  • Everything that can be squeezed through a pastry bag;
  • With or without particles (nuts, raisins, pieces of fruit); particle size: max Ø 2,5 cm;
See the Beldos Depositor in actionSee the Beldos Depositor in action
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