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Atlas Single and Dual Head Bread Slicers

S204 Single Bread Slicer and S204D Dual Bread Slicer

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The phrase "the greatest thing since sliced bread" is commonly used to depict an innovative achievement, like; the Atlas dual head bread slicer

The S204 bread slicer is great value for money! It has a safety cage with a micro switch to stop the slicer if opened during operation. This makes the slicer safe to use. The bread pusher makes the slicing quick and easy, pushing the loaf through the blades. No need to use another loaf of bread to push the bread through! There are also guide rods helping you keep the loaf together once it’s sliced.

The S204D dual bread slicer gives you 2 bread slicers in one machine. The S204D has all the same features of the S204, safety cage, bread pusher, guide rods. Now you can do toast or sandwich slices and also café style thick slices too! Their robust construction makes them hardworking reliable bread slicers, and a perfect workhorse for any bakery or café. Available in different pitch sizes ( 12-24mm)

If you are looking for a VARIABLE PITCH bread slicer, see the Rollmatic Variable Pitch Bread Slicer

Atlas S204 Bread Slicer Single Head

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Atlas S204 Bread Slicer Single Head

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Atlas S204 Series Specifications
S204 Single Head S204D Dual Head
Slice Thickness (mm) 12 or 16 12 or 24
Safety Covers Yes
Push Sticks Yes
Voltage 240Vac Single Phase

Note: The slice thickness is NOT variable, the thickness is specified on order and is fixed.

enquire about these Atlas Bread Slicers Download the Atlas S204 or S204D Bread Slicers PDF

Rollmatic Bag Blower

Rollmatic Bag Blower

The perfect compliment to any bread slicer!

Stainless steel bag blower for the packaging of sliced bread and other products. Foldable table 300mm x 1200mm x 900mm (H), adjustable feet, intermediate shelf. Table size 300 x 600mm. 240V Single Phase 50Hz, 100 watts.

enquire about this Rollmatic Bag Blower Download the Rollmatic Bag Blower PDF