Dough Dividers

Dough Dividers

Incredibly useful in commercial kitchens, a dough divider ensures consistent and efficient portioning of large quantities of dough, resulting in flawless baking and a refined presentation. We have a large range of Auto Volumetric, Hydraulic, Non-Stress, Hexagonal and Semi Automatic Dough Dividers.

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A dough divider is a machine used in commercial bakeries and large-scale food production to divide dough into equal portions for baking.

A dough divider uses a pressurized piston or rollers to push dough through a hopper and divide it into equal portions. The portions are then shaped into individual loaves, rolls, or other baked goods.

There are several types of dough dividers, including hydraulic dividers, volumetric dividers, and gravitational dividers. Each type operates differently and is designed for different types of dough.

Using a dough divider can save time and labour in commercial bakeries by quickly and efficiently dividing large quantities of dough into equal portions. It also ensures consistency in the size and weight of baked goods, leading to uniform baking and a more professional presentation.

Not all dough dividers are designed to handle all types of dough. Some machines may struggle with sticky or wet dough, while others may not be suitable for dense or heavy dough. It’s important to choose a dough divider that is appropriate for the type of dough being used.

Using a dough divider can greatly increase the efficiency and consistency of a commercial bakery and a successful bakery will need to use modern tools to produce high volumes of bread. You’ll find it hard to generate the consistency and volume by hand.

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