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Cinelli Non—Stress Dough Divider

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The need for a smaller dough divider unit was evident, that unit is finally here. It’s space saving design enables the Cinelli non-stress divider to be utilized within outlets that desire fresh production for it’s clientele, while eliminating the need for expansion to house this machine.

The body is constructed of durable stainless steel, as are all components that come into contact with dough, other than the belt. This ensures hygienic conditions as well as ease of cleaning.

With the option of a variable speed drive, these units are quite possibly the most versatile and user friendly dough dividers available. Just dial-in the desired speed. The CGU—4000 can produce a conservative 3,600 consistent pieces per hour. An amazing feat for such a small unit.

Optional cutting and rolling attachments

Optional cutting and rolling attachment allows you to produce many products eg. Gnocchi (72,000 / hr)

To accommodate different sizes, simply change the belt, housing and mandrill. Executed properly, this change takes only minutes to complete!

The CGU—4000 is able to produce up to 4000 pieces per hour, and the CGU—8000 which is able to produce 8000 pieces per hour.

The Single and Dual Dividers can be coupled with a moulder or they may also be used exclusively as cutting and weighing machines.

Although the Dividers are ruggedly built and are able to endure countless shifts with ease, they are however, able to gently cut and weigh high gluten content dough without breaking down interior dough fibres. This advantage translates into a superior end product.

Cinelli CGU 4000/8000
Dough Weight Range 45g — 700g (approx) Dough dependant
Speed Variable. Max, 6000 pieces / hour.
Weight Approx 340kg
Power 415V 3 Phase, 1.09 Kw
LxWxH cm
254 x 64 x 140
[b]Manufactured totally in Stainless Steel[/b]
Cinelli CGU-4000 Dough Divider Cinelli CGU-8000 Dough Divider

These are versatile dividers that can be coupled to a variety of product applications. Built to withstand the rigors of the worlds markets, all dividers are built Heavy Duty and utilize top-line quality components to endure harsh environmental conditions.


The Cinelli CGU8000C (see image below) is designed to process CIABATTA DOUGH without stressing the dough in any way. Divides from 15 gm up to 900 gm maximum, may vary slightly depending on dough consistency. Volume per hour: 6000 pieces.

Cinelli CGU-8000C Dough Divider
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