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Bertrand Puma Leaven processor

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Fermentolevain products from the BERTRAND-PUMA range are designed specifically for use in baking and pastry-making. The incorporation of liquid sourdough starter in bread-making shortens mixing time and promotes an irregular air cell structure. Liquid sourdough starter gives pastry greater mechanical tolerance, namely elasticity and lengthening. The aroma and flavour of products can be altered by varying the amount added.

Much appreciated bread quality

Fine gourmets or not, consumers will always love tasty bread. The hand-crafted flavour of a sourdough product is popular as the crunchiness of the crust, irregular air cell structures in the dough and its cream colour give it a more rustic feel, reminiscent of old-style bread.

Better bread storage:

Generally speaking, sourdough bread is stored better and keeps for longer.In the case of sourdough bread, bread dries more quickly when there are many moisture exchanges between the dough and crust, this is considerably reduced.

Easier mechanisation and working of dough

Using natural leaven shortens the kneading time.As the glutinous tissue is much more structured, mechanical operations are easier: cutting is sharper, the dough is less sticky and scarification is simplier.

The assets of the Fermentolevain:

  • Consistency of quality and taste
  • Rapid development of leaven
  • Perfect, controlled hygiene
  • Simple use and mixing
  • A 100% organic process
  • An economical and profitable product
Leaven Processor FL80 FL140
Maximum Capacity (Kg) 75 125
Useful Capacity (Kg) 60 100
Bowl Capacity (lt) 140 210
Dimensions W X D XH (mm) 825 x 970 x 1480 825 x 970 x 1740
Depth with installed shut off 1140 1140
with open lid
1830 2090
Weight (Kg) 220 265
Power (Kw) 1.3 2.2
Bertrand Puma Leaven Processor. Stainless Steel paddles with lateral scraper

Stainless Steel paddles with lateral scraper

Quick easy maintenance with optional hand spray

Quick easy maintenance with optional hand spray

Puma Leaven Processor
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