Retarder Provers

Retarder Provers

A dough prover is a chamber that encourages the fermentation of dough by yeast prior to baking, through warm temperatures and accurately controlled humidity.

This range of Retarder prover cabinets is any serious professional baker or patisseries preferred choice.

The CFI range of Proofers use quality panel surfaces with galvanized steel covered with a food quality PVC film.

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The standard provers are equipped to proof dough only. Retarder/Provers can gradually thaw frozen dough. The retarders operate like a refrigerator by keeping the interior cool, which also provides an excellent environment for storing dough prior to proofing.

Retarder Proofers are the ideal environment to keep refrigerated doughs until they are ready to be proofed. Control of temperature and humidity is the key to producing consistent and delicious breads. They will the early starts in the bakery by keeping refrigerated and then switch automatically to proofing mode before you bake.

The capacitive technology allows high precision in the management of temperature through extensive proofing programmes.

There is a wide range of different Baking tray options and accurate management of moisture levels with the humidity generator.

The Provers come preassembled with everything needed for easy installation.

The warm temperatures increase the activity of the yeast, resulting in increased carbon dioxide production and a higher, faster rise. Using a retarder prover will save you fermentation time and give you controlled and consistent results every single time.

A CFI C-Touch Control Panel provides maximum versatility including managing pre-setting a whole week of proofing in advance.

What is a Prover? A Retarder Prover controls the specific temperature and relative humidity conditions to boost yeast activity of the fermenting dough pieces, otherwise known as the leavening process. It does this with precision without compromising hygiene and quality, producing improved aroma and fragrance compared to foods subjected to the traditional, natural leavening process.

Retarder-proofers have greater temperature control and overcome the problems of moisture control from proofers alone.

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