IGF PRR/300 Dough Divider

The PRR 300 Dough Divider machines are indispensable tools for pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops, facilitating work and considerably reducing preparation times.


The PRR/300 dough divider portioning machine, is designed for pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops, it facilitates work by considerably reducing the preparation time, without interrupting the leavening process.

It creates varied sizes of dough portions, from 30 to 300 grams, with an innovative cone calibration system, with 5 easily inter- changeable nozzles available

The entire machine is very robust and easy to clean and is manufactured in stainless steel and aluminium.

It is equipped with a tank with 30 kg dough capacity  and works by extruding the dough using a spiral tool.

It is equipped with two combined adjustment systems to create any grammage of dough from 30-300gms, and has an hourly production of up to 700 portions.

The movement parts of the dough are easily removed for cleaning and replacement.

All the components meet the hygiene and safety standards.

The PRR/300 is designed to work with the IGF Arrotondatrice ARR 801 Rounding Machine

IGF PRR/300 Dough Divider


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Nicole Martins - Google Review

We just received our pizza rolling machine and couldn’t be happier with the service, thank you so much from Eat a Pizza in Darwin.

Matthew Chambers - Google Review

Had this place recommended to me. I carefully investigated the issue with my machinery and called them to ask questions. They walked me through a process and then had me come in. 1 hour and some reasonably priced parts later, my machine was working better than it had been when I inherited it. These guys will be my 1st stop when I’m shopping around.