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  • Primary Use: Bakery
  • Capacity: Model Dependant
  • Power: Model Dependent

Pavailler Fork Mix

Pavailler Fixed bowl Fork mixers

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For that perfect dough.

The bowl of a fork mixer is in a fixed position, and instead of a hook, you have a fork that plunges into and gently turns the dough. The slow speed and gentle, folding action do not create appreciable friction. Because of this, the dough can be mixed longer for maximum gluten development.

Pavailler Fixed Bowl Fork Mixer
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Feature BP5 BP9 BP30M P30A P45M P45A P60M P60A
Flour Capacity 8 Kg 18 Kg 50 Kg 50 Kg 75 Kg 75 Kg 100 Kg 100 Kg
Dough Capacity 13 Kg 27 Kg 80 Kg 80 Kg 120 Kg 120 Kg 160 Kg 160 Kg
Bowl Capacity 25 litre 45 litre 180 litre 180 litre 240 litre 240 litre 320 litre 320 litre
Bowl Aluminium Bowl is Standard
Stainless Steel Bowl N/A Option
Manual Control     STD   STD   STD  
Automatic Control       STD   STD   STD
Tool Speed 48/80 48/80 40/78 40/78 40/78 40/78 40/78 40/78
W 535 535 1270 1270 1340 1340 1400 1400
D 820 890 1310 1310 1400 1400 1480 1480
H 745 745 1310 1310 1310 1310 1310 1310
Weight (Kg) 88 91 400 400 430 430 450 450
Power (Kw) 0.55 0.55 5 5 5 5 5 5
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  • Why should I use a Fork Mixer?
  • What is a Double Arm Mixer
  • What is a Planetary Mixer?
  • What is a Spiral Mixer?

The simple answer is, "a fork mixer will not heat up your dough in the mixing process". A fork mixer has a free spinning bowl and a two pronged agitator that can run at both slow, and fast speed. It is gentle on dough as it mixes, but the mix times are longer when compared to a spiral mixer. But because of the gentle action on the dough, this will help you manage the dough temperature, and achieve your goal temperature. This will result in a higher quality dough that is not heated.

The double arm mixer was one of the first electric mixers. It mixes gently and slowly, which essentially copies the motion of hand mixing. Because the agitation is gentle, the resulting dough is very close in characteristics to that of dough produced by hand mixing. Not much time will be saved in production as it is a slow mix..

The planetary mixer is an all-purpose workhorse found in many bakeries. Planetary mixers are classified as cake mixers, and are not suitable for heavy dough development. Spiral, Fork, and Two arm mixers would be better suited if dough is all you need to make.

The spiral mixer is a single purpose mixer used only for bread and pizza dough development. The smaller spiral mixers, single phase, only have one speed. Most 3 phase spiral mixers have 2 speeds, slow and high speed. Spiral mixers are the preferred mixers of the bread bakers, and pizza makers of Europe. Many bakers see the spiral mixer as the choice that allows speed of production while maintaining control of oxidation and good treatment of the dough.