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Commercial Modular Deck Ovens

A quality commercial modular deck oven bakes artisan loaves of bread, rolls, and other specialty bakery goods to perfection. Our selection of professional ovens are packed with features to give you delicious and consistent patisserie results. Including independent temperature controls for each part of the deck, Full-deck integrated loader for non-stop artisan baking cycles. These latest models easily achieve the perfect crisp in the pizza crust, or crunch in the croissant.



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What is a Modular deck oven?

A Modular deck oven is an oven that heats its interior using radiant heat rather than convection heat. It works similarly to a traditional brick oven. Most deck bases are made from a stone base, also known as hearths, which distribute the warmth evenly throughout the oven.

These ovens have multiple decks so they bake evenly. Commercial deck ovens are often used for baking and Pizza shops because they’re efficient and able to bake large amounts of bread or Pizza at once.

Most of these electric ovens and made of durable interior and stainless steel exterior construction.

When to use a convection oven vs an electric deck oven?

Convection ovens and Deck ovens are both primary cooking options for commercial bakers and pizza outlets, but they cook the bread differently. A Convection oven circulates hot air around the bread to cook it evenly. A good commercial deck cooker like the Edison Modular deck oven, will have a dual DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL showing two temperatures for both the ceiling/floor heating elements. For a small of medium bakery with limited space, the deck is a great option. They create artisan bread, tasty pizzas with the perfect crust, and other types of baked goods.

Knowing the secret to perfect cooking often comes down to the equipment you’re baking in your best to purchase a quality electric oven.Modular 

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