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  • Primary Use: Pizza
  • Capacity: 2 deck
  • Power: 415V - Three Phase

Pizza Deck Oven

Pizza Oven Electric 2 Deck with warm cabinet

Fornitalia Black Line BL/2

Blackline: the new reference point among professional static ovens. The quality Fornitalia achieves its highest point thanks to a series of exclusive functionalities;

  • 12 cm insulated crown and iron casing insulated by ceramic fibre.
  • Frontal bodywork with multiple profiles.
  • Double chamber observation window.
  • Electronic control panel complete with timer that allows the user to set the switch-on time required (2 times can be pre-set)
  • Glass gasket resistant to any kind of technical or mechanical stress.
  • Automatic maintenance and control of the following temperatures: ceiling, plate and balance between left and right side of the plate.
  • Automatic oven adjustment 50% or 100% of power
  • In accordance with Worldwide health and safety regulations.

Ovens as specified in table below are double deck. Single and triple deck options are available. Contact sales for details.

Italian Flag graphic Fornitalia Black Line 2 deck pizza oven with warming cabinet

Click for a larger view of the Fornitalia Black Line, the new reference point among professional static pizza ovens.

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Pizza Oven Fornitalia Black Line 2 Deck with (optional) warmer
Model External Dimension
[W x D X H]
Internal Dimensions
[W x D X H]
Per deck
Electrical Power Weight
BL/2 105/105 145 cm 146 cm 91 cm 105 cm 105 cm 18 cm 3 Phase, 415V, 50Hz 14kW per deck 444 Kg
BL/2 105/70 145 cm 91 cm 75 cm 105 cm 70 cm 16 cm 12.6kW per deck 300 Kg
Warmer Optional
enquire about this Fornitalia Blackline Download the Pizza Oven Fornitalia Black Line Commercial Pizza Oven manual
  • Stone Deck Ovens
  • Convection Ovens
  • What are Rack Ovens?

Artisan style breads are best baked in a stone based deck oven. The stone will give you a good even heat, and the bottom heat, (elements under the stone)and the top heat, (ceiling elements in the chamber) can be independently adjusted. The stone deck oven will also bake all other products. They are available in gas or electric.

These ovens are standard fan forced ovens, where the trays are hand loaded into the oven. They are generally available in 4,5,6 or 10 tray capacity, and various tray sizes. These ovens are good for baking muffins, and pastries. They are a lot smaller and will go on a bench top. These ovens are generally your entry level commercial ovens.

Rack ovens are fan forced ovens, where the product is baked on trays, loaded in a rack, which can be wheeled in and out of the oven. This makes loading the oven quick and efficient, saving time. These ovens are best suited to high volume baking and generally take up less space than deck ovens. Rack ovens are available with rotating racks ( turning rack ) or static racks (doesn't turn). With the rotating rack ovens, you tend to get a more even bake than you would with a normal convection oven. Rack ovens with a variable fan speed, will allow you to bake "soft products" by adjusting the fan speed. Rack ovens are available in gas or electric.