Pizza and Pasta Divider Rounders

Pizza and Pasta Divider Rounders.

Our pizza and pasta divider rounder range are robust, user-friendly machine that can precisely portion and shape dough with consistency, and is adaptable to different dough types and sizes. Key considerations include efficiency in processing, ease of maintenance, and safety features, ensuring streamlined production and high-quality results in a busy commercial kitchen.

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A dough divider rounder is a specialized piece of bakery equipment used to divide a large batch of dough into uniformly sized and rounded portions, ready for baking or further processing.

Using a dough divider rounder ensures consistency in portion sizes, improves efficiency in production, and reduces manual labor. This leads to a more uniform final product and higher customer satisfaction.

The machine first divides the bulk dough into equal portions using a dividing mechanism. It then rounds each portion into a smooth ball using a rounding mechanism, ensuring consistent size and shape.

Yes, most dough divider rounders come with adjustable settings allowing you to select the desired weight or size of the dough portions.

It’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Typically, you should clean it daily by removing dough residues, using food-safe cleaners, and ensuring all parts are dry to prevent mold and bacterial growth. Periodic maintenance checks, such as inspecting and lubricating moving parts, are also essential.

Dough divider rounders can handle a range of dough consistencies. However, extremely wet or sticky doughs might not process as efficiently. It’s best to refer to the machine’s manual or manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal dough types.

Most machines come with a user manual detailing the calibration process. It usually involves adjusting settings or knobs to ensure the desired weight or size is achieved. Regular checks and recalibration are recommended.