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Atlas A11 Dough Divider Rounder

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Perfect shape.

Bun rounding dividers are machines that cut a piece of raw dough into small portions and, using an oscillating plate, subsequently roll each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape, all in a few seconds.

Details that make the difference.

We have thoroughly studied the workflow of pastry and bread makers of all sizes, to bring you simple and practical solutions. Every millimeter of the dough dividers has been planned, inside and out, to bring you perfection: perfect in the ease of use, materials and finishes, assembly and disassembly operations, safety features and ease of cleaning.

The A11 is perfect for any pizza store!

The A11 is the perfect machine for any busy pizza store! The A11 basically turns every staff member into a gun dough maker.

It saves enough time to utilize the dough prep shift elsewhere! Place the dough on the plate and put it into the machine, close the front safety guard, and then you can start. The new front safety guard means you can’t catch your fingers whilst it’s going. This makes the A11 is an extremely safe machine. It saves your wrists, especially if you’re cutting and balling quite a lot. It is extremely easy to train staff to use the A11. Generally takes about a week or two for them to get used to it.

Atlas All Dough Divider Rounder dimensions.Atlas A11 Control Panel

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AAtlas A11 Dough Divider Rounder

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Safety is always our top priority

Safety is a matter which does not allow compromises nor shortcuts: peace of mind while being hard at work is priceless. Here are new safety features from the Italian Automatic Bun Divider Rounder that further enhance the overall performance of the machine. They are designed to prevent hazards in daily operations, without hindering nor slowing down the work itself.

Atlas A11 Dough Divider Rounder
Divisions Minimum weight Maximum weight Basin capacity Head diameter Hourly capacity
gr gr kg mm pieces / hour
11 180 500 5,5 400 1300
Voltage 415V Three Phase 10amp
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