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Dough divider OEM BM/8 and Rounder AS/8

BM/8 Dough Divider

The OEM BM/8 dough divider is able to divide into exact portions dough for pizza, panification and similar products. Thanks to three different extrusion cones with predetermined weight in grams, the range of the obtainable sizes goes from 60 up to 900 grams.

This machine is a necessary tool in pizza restaurants and especially in the industrial field thanks to its precision, ease of use, quantity and quality of the work.

The dough progress motion is carried out by a slow motion spiral, which reduces as much as possible the dough stresses occurred during the processing stage. The dough is cut and divided into portions by a blade, through a light-sensitive sensor and the complete filling of the constant section part, at the end of the extrusion cones in use.

To grant safety conditions during any working phase, special sensors immediately stop the machine in case of unintentional opening of the inlet hopper or access to elements in motion. Moreover, in order to comply with the relevant requirements, the portioning machine is built according to these specifications and it is made of materials suitable for food processing machinery.

AS/8 Dough Rounder

Adding to the Dough Divider the AS/8 DOUGH ROUNDER will complete the process work automatically for the pizza maker. The portions you obtain from the Dough Divider and the Rounder can be between 100 and 800 g are well dosed and rounded, ready for the following leavening phase. To give to the obtained balls more homogeneity and compactness, is advisable, especially in case of cooled processing, a second working in the AS/8 Rounding machine.

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OEM BM-8-divider

OEM BM/8 Divider - click for larger image

OEM AS/8 Rounder.

OEM AS/8 Rounder - click for larger image.

OEM BM/8 Portioning Machine and AS/8 Rounder
Dimensions 47 x 120 x 63cm [WxDxH] 55 x 99 x 62cm [WxDxH]
Tank Capacity 30 kg N/A
Rounder Capacity N/A 150 - 800g
Electrical 415V, Three Phase + N + E (5 pin plug) 0.75Kw, 415V, (3 Phase + E ) 10amp
Net Weight 105 kg 105 kg
Cone Specifications
Cone Code Diameter Dough Weight Suggested Use Hourly Output
AH09420 50 mm 60 - 250g 150g 820
AH09320 65 mm 150 - 350g 250g 760
AH09020 85 mm 350 - 900g 650g 480
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