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IGF Arrotondatrice ARR 801 Rounding Machine

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The ARR series rounding machines are indispensable tools for pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops, facilitating work and considerably reducing preparation times.

They round portions of dough for bread, pizza and desserts from 20 to 800 grams.

The Arrotondatrice ARR 801 creates perfect balls, using a rising movement of the portions of dough through the auger.

They do not stress and do not heat the dough without altering its properties in any way.

The machines has a stainless steel shell and auger in aluminium or Teflon coated aluminium are very robust, easy to use and fast to clean, all the components meet the hygiene and safety standards.

IGF Arrotondatrice ARR 801

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Arrotondatrice IGF/ARR 801 Rounder Specifications
Dough Capacity 20g ~ 800g
Tray Width 50cm diameter
Motor Power
Kw 0.37
Voltage 240Vac Single Phase
Net Weight
75 Kgs
Dimensions [W x D x H] 410*610*820 mm
Country of Origin
100% Made in Italy
PROFESSIONAL ROUNDING MACHINE WITH TEFLONATED SCREW RECOMMENDED FOR PASTA OVER 70% OF HYDRATION (maximum indication subject to change based on the types of flour and dough)
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