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Pizza Dough Roller - IGF 2300 B30/B40

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Pizza Dough Roller Machines are designed to cold work the pizza dough so as not to alter its characteristics.

One pair of adjustable rollers for you to get a sheet of dough as many millimetres thick as you like.

  • System of lower rollers and an idle roller favour the process of putting the dough into the machine (system patented by IGF).
  • Separate roller protectors for better OH&S (patented by IGF).
  • Transformers have gears made of special resins; they have been pressed, instead of indented, so as to last five times more than normal ones (IGF patented).
  • Foot control pedal.
  • Internal reinforcements to prevent the frame from bending.
Pizza Roller IGF 2300 B30/B40.

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Foot Pedal for IGF 2300 B30/B40.
IGF 2300 B30/B40 Pizza Roller
Net Weight 34Kg 44Kg
Power 0.5 Hp 0.5 Hp
Voltage 240V Single Phase 240V Single Phase
Dough Weight 50 - 700 gram 50 - 1000 gram
Pizza Base Diameter 10 to 30 cm 10 to 40 cm
Dimensions [W x D X H] 420 x 420 x 700 mm 520 x 420 x 800 mm
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