CFI Retarder Prover Multi Rack Flat Packs

CF 48 Retarder Proofer Chambers for Trolleys


Products from the CF range are controlled baking fermentation cabinets, designed to take trolleys with 400 x 800 and 460 x 800 trays.


Products from the CF range are controlled baking fermentation cabinets, designed to take trolleys with 400 x 800 and 460 x 800 trays.

Each model of the CF range can be broken down into a basic cell, that can contain 1 to 4 racks according on the model – To each basic cell, one or more additional cells of size equivalent to the basic cell may be added, in order to increase the total capacity of the assembly.

Each model of the CF range (basic cell and additional cell) can have various configurations, according to:

  • The number and position of doors
  • The number and position of racks inside the cell
  • The entry direction of racks in the cell

Proofers delivered without floor, insulated floor optional, without trolley or grid, Refrigerating unit delivered not connected

Dimensions of meshes: 400 x 800 – Trolley dimensions: 480 x 870 x H 1895

This is one of three premium Retarder Provers we sell.

A construction of quality, respectful of the environment

  • In the standard version, each model is delivered fitted with a humidity generator, with a very efficient electronic probe.
  • The 60mm-thick panels are injected to a density of 45kg/m3 by a high pressure injection machine (135 bar)
  • The combination of the thickness and density of the rigid polyurethane foam insulating material has been specially designed according to operational requirements, thereby minimizing heat loss and energy consumption.
  • Panel surfaces in 6/10ths galvanized steel covered with a food quality PVC film of 120µ
  • All interior angles are rounded
  • All interior fittings in 100% food quality 404 stainless steel
  • Double glazed glass door

CFI C-Touch Control Panel


CFI innovates in the field of controlled proofing, a crucial stage in the bread-making process thanks to the new C-TouCh control. Combining ergonomics and versatility, it has been developed using capacitive technology, allowing high precision in the management of proofing programmes. It thus offers many advantages for direct and deferred work. Perfectly integrated at «human height» in the door of the proofing chambers and units, the C-TouCh control adapts to its user’s processes and habits.

It is thus extremely simple to manage all the functions and parameters of controlled proofing (temperature, humidity) with one finger touch. Browsing from one programme to another, creating or modifying recipes, becomes child’s play.

Its perfectly flat and easy to clean surface is made in a shock-resistant material.


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