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  • Primary Use: Bakery / Pizza
  • Capacity: 25Kg
  • Power: 415v

Spiral Dough Mixer

Atlas S80N Spiral Dough Mixer

The Atlas S80N spiral dough mixer is the perfect one (1) bag mixer for the busy pizza store or small bakery!

This is one of our best-selling dough mixers and is very popular with franchise pizza stores. The Atlas spiral mixers were first introduced into Australia in 1988, and can be found in pizzerias, restaurants, cafes and lots of catering businesses. This mixer is suitable for all types of dough for Italian and French breads, bread rolls and tin loaf bread, and Asian noodle dough.

These heavy duty mixers were built to last!

A very versatile spiral dough mixer.


Atlas S80N Spiral Mixer
Maximum Flour Capacity 25kg
Maximum Dough Capacity 40kg
Transmission Multi-Belt
Speed Spiral 110/220 rpm
Speed Bowl 25 rpm
Reverse Feature Yes
Power 415V 3 Phase
Motor Spiral 3.5 HP
Motor Bowl 0.75 HP
Auto / Manual Function Yes
Height 105cm
Width 59cm
Length 95cm
Weight 370kg
enquire about this S80N Spiral Mixer Download the Atlas Spiral Mixer S80N manual

  • Why should I use a Fork Mixer?
  • What is a Double Arm Mixer
  • What is a Planetary Mixer?
  • What is a Spiral Mixer?

The simple answer is, "a fork mixer will not heat up your dough in the mixing process". A fork mixer has a free spinning bowl and a two pronged agitator that can run at both slow, and fast speed. It is gentle on dough as it mixes, but the mix times are longer when compared to a spiral mixer. But because of the gentle action on the dough, this will help you manage the dough temperature, and achieve your goal temperature. This will result in a higher quality dough that is not heated.

The double arm mixer was one of the first electric mixers. It mixes gently and slowly, which essentially copies the motion of hand mixing. Because the agitation is gentle, the resulting dough is very close in characteristics to that of dough produced by hand mixing. Not much time will be saved in production as it is a slow mix..

The planetary mixer is an all-purpose workhorse found in many bakeries. Planetary mixers are classified as cake mixers, and are not suitable for heavy dough development. Spiral, Fork, and Two arm mixers would be better suited if dough is all you need to make.

The spiral mixer is a single purpose mixer used only for bread and pizza dough development. The smaller spiral mixers, single phase, only have one speed. Most 3 phase spiral mixers have 2 speeds, slow and high speed. Spiral mixers are the preferred mixers of the bread bakers, and pizza makers of Europe. Many bakers see the spiral mixer as the choice that allows speed of production while maintaining control of oxidation and good treatment of the dough.