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  • Primary Use: Pizza
  • Capacity: 20 - 50 litre
  • Power: Model Dependent

Spiral Dough Mixer

IGF 2200 Spiral Dough Mixer

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The ideal spiral dough mixer solution for small-medium size pizzeria. Available in several capacities, 20 to 50 litre.

  • Fixed Head Spiral Mixer
  • Noiseless due to it's compact mechanics (60dB Max)
  • 2 power transformers: 1 on hook and 1 one bowl
  • Special grid that allows the addition of extra ingredients during mixing
  • Space saving design
  • 3 protection systems, both active and passive, for complete operator safety during use, cleaning and maintenance
  • In accordance with Worldwide Health and Safety Regulations
IGF 2200 Spiral Mixer, IGF Fixed Head
Model S16 S25 S38 S42
Capacity 20 lt 33 lt 40 lt 50 lt
Flour Weight 7 Kg 12 Kg 18 Kg 22 Kg
With minimum 50% water content
Power 240V 50Hz, Single Phase 10amp 415V Three Phase
1.0 Hp 1.5 Hp 2.0 Hp See below
Speed Single Speed Dual Speed 1.7/2.5 Hp
Width 39 cm 43 cm 48 cm 53 cm
Depth 68 cm 72 cm 79 cm 85 cm
Height 62 cm 71 cm 71 cm 71 cm
Weight 58 Kg 88 Kg 101 Kg 106 Kg
enquire about the IGF 2200 Spiral Dough Mixer range Download the IGF Spiral Mixer 2200 S16 PDF
  • Why should I use a Fork Mixer?
  • What is a Double Arm Mixer
  • What is a Planetary Mixer?
  • What is a Spiral Mixer?

The simple answer is, "a fork mixer will not heat up your dough in the mixing process". A fork mixer has a free spinning bowl and a two pronged agitator that can run at both slow, and fast speed. It is gentle on dough as it mixes, but the mix times are longer when compared to a spiral mixer. But because of the gentle action on the dough, this will help you manage the dough temperature, and achieve your goal temperature. This will result in a higher quality dough that is not heated.

The double arm mixer was one of the first electric mixers. It mixes gently and slowly, which essentially copies the motion of hand mixing. Because the agitation is gentle, the resulting dough is very close in characteristics to that of dough produced by hand mixing. Not much time will be saved in production as it is a slow mix..

The planetary mixer is an all-purpose workhorse found in many bakeries. Planetary mixers are classified as cake mixers, and are not suitable for heavy dough development. Spiral, Fork, and Two arm mixers would be better suited if dough is all you need to make.

The spiral mixer is a single purpose mixer used only for bread and pizza dough development. The smaller spiral mixers, single phase, only have one speed. Most 3 phase spiral mixers have 2 speeds, slow and high speed. Spiral mixers are the preferred mixers of the bread bakers, and pizza makers of Europe. Many bakers see the spiral mixer as the choice that allows speed of production while maintaining control of oxidation and good treatment of the dough.