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  • Primary Use: Bakery
  • Capacity: 80-280 Kg
  • Power: 415V

Spiral Mixer

LP Lux Spiral Mixers, removable bowl and three motors.

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These LUX Spiral Mixers have been designed to satisfy all the requests: from the small bakery up to the semi-industrial productions. Thanks to their strong structure in painted steel, their reduced dimensions and their user-friendliness, these mixers are suitable for a wide range of products.

Both lines have a dough capacity from 80 to 280 kgs, 3 motors (one for spiral tool, one for bowl and one for hydraulic unit), two speeds on spiral tool and one speed on the bowl with possibility of reverse bowl rotation in first speed. The bowl rotation is guided by friction wheels that run along the milled border of the bowl granting a better grip.

The bowl-trolley handling is extremely easy even with a full load. The head lifting and descent are hydraulic and the bowl locking, which is made by an hydraulic hook, is fully automatic thanks to an innovative coupling system.

The electrical box and the control panel have been placed on the side of the machine in order to be always easily accessible for any maintenance task; the control panel can be fitted, at choice, with two electro-mechanical timers or with an electronic control panel fitted with bypass selector. The rounded design has been especially conceived to facilitate all the cleaning operations.

LUX line is suitable for soft dough mixtures with an hydration greater than 55% with European flour and for a semi-industrial use while LUX-R line, thanks to the double spiral transmission and to the special straight breaking column without feet, is suitable for stiff dough with an hydration up to 45% with European flour.

Click for larger images. Available Control Panels
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Lux Spiral Micer Control Panel Lux Spiral mixer bowl Lux Spiral mixer removable connection
Lux Spiral Mixer Mixing Head Lux Spiral Mixer Bowl Removed Lux Spiral Mixer Bowl Removable Unit

Hydraulic bowl lifters

Thor Hydraulic Bowl lifter
Click for larger image.

Suitable for LUX-RC 80/120/160/200/280 bowl-trolleys. Discharge backwards
Two discharge heights available:

  • Onto table at 1400 mm
  • Into divider at 1900 mm

Standard voltage: 415V/50Hz
Sturdy construction in painted steel Stainless steel anti-vibrating feet designed for fastening to the floor.

Model Discharge Height Hydraulic Unit Power
Thor 1400 Onto Table at 1400 mm 1,5 kW
Thor 1900 Into divider at 1900 mm 1,5 kW
Lux Spiral Mixer Dimensions
Model Lux 80
Lux-R 80
Lux 120
Lux-R 120
Lux 160
Lux-R 160
Lux 200
Lux-R 200
Lux 280
Lux-R 280
Min/Max Dough Capacity (Kg) 3/80 5/120 5/160 6/200 6/280
Flour Capacity (Kg) 50 75 100 125 175
Bowl Volume (L) 154 186 266 306 421
Spiral Motor Power (kW) 4/8 Lux 80
4/8 Lux-R 80
4/8 Lux 120
4/8 Lux-R 120
6/12 Lux 160
9/15 Lux-R 160
6/12 Lux 200
9/15 Lux-R 200
9/15 Lux 280
9/15 Lux-R 280
Bowl Motor Power (kW) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Hydraulic Unit Motor (kW) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Length with head closed - A (mm)* 1690 1690 1830 1830 1990
Height with head closed - B (mm)* 1450 1450 1540 1540 1540
Floor to bowl rim height - C (mm)* 830 830 885 885 885
Width - D (mm)* 1280 1280 1325 1340 1410
Length with open head - E (mm)* 1860 1860 2075 2075 2225
Height with open head - E (mm)* 1890 1890 2050 2050 2050

* : The Dimensions are approximate.

enquire about the LP Lux Spiral Mixers with Removable Bowl Download the lp-lux-spiral-mixer-with-removable-bowl PDF