What do I need to start a Patisserie Cake Shop?

I want to start a Patisserie cake shop

What do I need in the way of equipment?

Here is a list of commercial bakery equipment needed to start a Patisserie cake shop:

  • 10 tray Pavailler convection oven (L10B)
  • Pastry sheeter floor standing (Rollmatic SH6002/14)
  • 40 litre planetary mixer ( Atlas LD 40 )
  • 20 litre planetary mixer ( Atlas TS 201 )
  • Cool Room 2.6m x 2.6m
  • 2 Door drink fridge
  • Dry counter 1350mm x 900mm x 1550mm
  • Fridge counter 1350mm x 890mm x 1590mm
  • 3 x pastry display racks
  • 20 x assorted cake tins
  • 4 x muffin trays
  • 60 x 18 inch aluminium trays
  • 60 x 18 inch cooling wires
  • 3 x 18 inch cooling racks
  • 3 x work benches stainless steel
  • Pie warmer


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