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Bertrand Puma Auto Volumetric Divider

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Precision machinery manufactured by a precision company.

The machines of this range are automatic dough dividers with manually or automatically closing hopper.

The Bertrand Puma range is composed 4 models :

  • HT 2100 : Fixed output
  • HT 2200 : Fixed output
  • HT 2100A : Adjustable output
  • HT 2200A : Adjustable output


Machines of the Bertrand Puma dough divider range are designed for bakery and pastry applications, which excludes all other types of use.

The use of an automatic dough divider allows the division of different dough types, respecting the dough.


  • The volumetric dividing is assured by a bronze piston.
  • The welded meccano frame is very strong and mounted of castors.
  • The hopper is of coated steel (inside) and has a standard capacity of 160 kg dough.
  • The manual cover is made of a metallic plate which is fixed by a tight stirrup by a hand wheel.
  • The automatic cover is a motorized sliding trap, waterproofing between the cover and the hopper is assured by an inflatable joint.
  • The flour duster is a driven brush by the main motor of the machine.
Model HT2100 HT2200 HT2100A HT2200A
Hopper Capacity (Kg) 210 210 210 210
Manual Closing Hopper Yes Yes    
Auto Closing Hopper     Yes Yes
Adjustable Output   Yes   Yes
Dimensions [mm] Width 840 840
Height 2040 2090
Depth 11832 1770
Depth + Outfeed 2165
Weight (Kg) 800 800 900 900
Power (Kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Bertrand Puma Auto Volumetric Divider Model HT2100 / HT2200

Bertrand Puma Auto Volumetric DividerModel HT2100 / HT2200

Bertrand Puma Auto Volumetric Divider Model HT2100A / HT2200A

Bertrand Puma Auto Volumetric DividerModel HT2100A / HT2200A

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