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IGF SPT30 Pasta Sheet Roller

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The 2300 / SPT30 high precision benchtop sheeter has 300mm wide stainless-steel rollers, which are striped allowing you to obtain a slightly rough sheet for better adherence of seasoning and sauces .

The following are the features of this innovative machine:

  • Roller opening / closing lever designed for easy adjustment.
  • Half-moon lever has a quick lock mechanism toset the thickness of the sheet.
  • Idle roller made of Polyacetal resin for automatic feeding.
  • Quick-release of pasta sheet cutter for easy attachment.
  • Pasta sheet cutter accessories for cutting the sheets into various width strips (1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, 6.5mm, 12mm)


IGF SPT30 Pasta Sheet Roller
Power 0.37 kW 240V 50hz Single Phase
Dough Portion Weight 50 - 700g
Roller Opening 8mm
Weight 23 Kg
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D 370 x 420 x 420
Warranty 1 year
IGF SPT30 Pasta Roller Accessories
TS 01 Pasta Sheet Cutter — 1.5 mm WIDTH
TS 02 Pasta Sheet Cutter — 2.0 mm WIDTH
TS 03 Pasta Sheet Cutter — 4.0 mm WIDTH
TS 04 Pasta Sheet Cutter — 6.5 mm WIDTH
TS 05 Pasta Sheet Cutter — 12 mm WIDTH
IGF SPT30 Pasta Sheet Roller


One of the five <u>optional</u> Pasta Roller accessories in use.

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enquire about this IGF 2300 SPT30 Pasta Sheet Roller Download the Igf 2300 B30 B40 Pizza Rollers PDF