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Full range of Bakery Ancillary items.

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The ancillary baking range is constantly being updated with the recent addition of torte rings and squares, decorative shape moulds, V-form terrine moulds and grizzini trays, all of which may be glazed with food grade fast release coating.

Many of our products can be modified to suit your individual needs, and all manufactured products come with a lifetime structural warranty. The international trend toward mandatory colour coded brushware and cleaning aids is gaining momentum. ABPAtlas recognise that attention to hygiene is paramount in the food industry and are proud to be stockists of the most technologically advanced range of cleaning products.

Muffin Trays

Muffin trays are manufactured with varying cup sizes, from mini one bite to the extra large Texas muffin. Tray sizes and configurations can be manufactured to suit your needs. Roll trays can be fitted with 4 and 5 inch pans. Food grade fast release coating can be applied to all trays.

Muffin Trays
  Product Top Base Depth
Muffin - Mini 44 26 22
  Muffin - Small 68 45 35
Muffin - Medium 70 50 35
  Muffin - Regular 80 55 35
  Muffin - Large 93 65 45
  Muffin - Texas 100 70 60
Rolls - Standard 100   20
  Rolls - Large 125   22

Baking Trays

Versatile baking trays can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes and may be either plain or perforated. Constructed in light, durable aluminium, these trays can be coated in food grade fast release coating.

Baking Sheets
  Product Width Height Sides
3 sided/16 406 737 25
  3 sided/18 457 737 25
4 sided/16 406 737 25
  4 sided/18 457 737 25
Lamington/16 406 737 50
  Lamington/18 457 737 50
Swiss/16 406 737  
  Swiss/18 457 737  
  Rolled Edge 285 220 10

Forms, Moulds and Cutters

We have wide range of forms, moulds and cutters for your every need. Generally manufactured from high grade stainless steel, these forms are as durable as they are imaginative. Coatings may be applied for fast release or used in association with non-stick mats to ensure easy release of even the most difficult products.

Baking forms and cutters
  Product Sizes from Sizes to Features
Torte rings 100x25 275x75 Stainless Steel
Shaped Moulds Minature Extra Large Aluminised Steel
V-Form Terrines 150x50 300x100 Stainless Steel
Rectangular Moulds 50x75 150x300 Stainless Steel
Cutters 25 254 Reinforced handle
Quiche 100x30 280x50 Loose base
Brioche 60 220 Scalloped

Bread Pan Sets and Lids

Available in 340gms to 900gms, braced in sets to suit your racks. Constructed from aluminised steel designed to prevent oxidation and coated with food grade fast release coating. Pans can be manufactured with or without fluting and steam holes. Drop on lids are slotted to improve airflow and are available to suit your set size.

Bread Pan Sets and Lids
  Product Top Inside Base Depth
A Bread Pans 680gm 280x115 268x102 108
B Bread Pans 900gm 268x134 252x116 125
C Farmhouse 174x125 165x112 80
D Vienna Pans 270x114 230x75 30
E Tank Loaf 230x105   96

Pie Pallets

Pie Pallets are manufactured in a range of pallet sizes and can be adapted to accommodate round, oval and square pie tins. Tins may be coated with food grade fast release coating. Configurations can be altered to suit your individual needs. Everything from party pies to family pies are available.

Pie Pallets
  Product Tray Size Number Tins
A Party Pies/16 725x406 55
  Party Pies/18 727x457 66
B Round/16 743x406 21
  Round/18 743x457 28
C Oval/16 660x406 18
  Oval/18 660x457 20
D Square/16 750x406 21
  Square/18 760x457 28


Proving, baking and cooling racks are manufactured from 25mm square mild steel tube with 1.2mm mild steel runners. Racks are hygienically zinc plated and polished, and fitted with hight quality durable castors. Fitted heavy duty clear PVC covers are available for standard racks. Racks are also available in Stainless Steel.

Baking and cooling racks
  Product Dimensions Shelves
A RA16/18Z 1800x470x740 18
  RA16/12Z 1800x470x740 12
  RA18/18Z 1800x520x740 18
  RA18/12Z 1800x520x740 12
B Display Racks 1800x970x500 5
C Bin Racks 1300x475x650 4

Baskets and Dollies

Australian Bakery and Pizza can supply bread and pastry crates in a wide range of colours. Pastry crates are designed to nest for easy storage and stack for product utilisation. All crates can be stamped with the owners' name or details for easy identification. Crate dollies are manufactured from mild steel and fitted with high grade castors. Bin dollies are designed to eliminate heavy lifting.

Bakery Baskets and Dollies
  Product Dimensions Height
A Pastry Crates 707x457 105
B Bread Crates 690x598 150
C Pastry Dollies 710x460 180
D Bread Dollies 700x610 180
E Bin Dollies 415x415 110


Australian Bakery and Pizza supply a wide range of durable professional grade utensils for the baking industry. Apprenticeship starter kits are also available.

Baking Utensils
Bench Scrapers Pastry Cutters Whisks
Cake Dividers Piping Bags Scorers
Can Openers Piping Nozzles Pastry Wheels
Knives & Spatulas Scales Plastic Ware
Measuring Jugs Ingredient Scoops Ice Cream Scoops
Mixing Bowls Strainers Pizza Cutters
Oven Pads Stock Pots Cutting Boards
Oven Gloves Thermometers Sieves
Pastry Brushes Vegetable Slicers  

French Stick, Grizzini Trays and Cooling Wires

French Stick Trays are manufactured from perforated aluminised steel and coated with food grade fast release coating. Although 4 & 5 impression trays are most common, they can be manufactured with any impression configuration. Flexible red rubber forms are now available in Australia. Grizzini trays can be manufactured from lightweight aluminium to your own specification and coated to ensure easy release. Cooling wires are hygienically chrome plated and designed to suit your rack size.

French Stick and Cooling Wires
  Product Dimension Profile Impressions
FS Standard/16 737x406 65x32 5
  FS Standard/18 737x457 65x32 5
Grizzini 665x410 10x5 33
Cooling Wires/16 737x406 Mesh 25x25
  Cooling Wires/18 737x457 Mesh 25x25
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Pizza Bags and Racks

Pizza Bags, Racks or Peels

Australian Bakery and Pizza have your needs covered.

Whatever your need in Pizza production, Australian Bakery and Pizza - Atlas has a full complement of Pizza accessories to make your life easier and more productive.