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Italian Bun Divider Rounder

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Semi-automatic bun dividing rounders.

Semi-automatic bun rounding dividers are machines that cut a piece of raw dough into small portions and, using an oscillating plate, subsequently roll each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape, all in a few seconds!

Mechanical machine. Pressing, cutting and rounding are carried out with levers, while the shaping chamber is adjusted using a joystick with numerical scale. The machine is supplied with no. 3 plates.

Work cycle

  1. Insert the plate manually;
  2. Adjust chamber opening;
  3. Press and cut using the levers;
  4. Operate the rounding lever;
  5. Remove the plate with shaped balls.

Italian Bun Divider Rounder. Italian Bun Divider Rounder dimensions.

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Italian Bun Divider Rounder.
Italian Bun Divider Rounder SPA SA 30
Divisions 30
Dough Weight 40-135
Capacity 1,2 - 4Kg
Head 400mm
Head Depth 65mm
Weight 173Kg
Hourly Capacity 2700 Pieces / Hour
Power 415V 3 phase 50Hz 10 amp
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